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Child Custody & Visitation Lawyers. We are Men’s Attorneys Protecting Virginia Fathers’ Child Custody and Visitation Rights At The Firm for Men, we know your children are precious to you. The rights you enjoy as their father need not disappear after a divorce or breakup. You have a right to arrange child custody and visitation,

San Diego Child Custody Lawyers What Are the Child Custody Laws in California? In California, the state allows custody and visitation to be awarded in several different ways. When parents are not able to come to an agreement on who will have custody of the child, the court may intervene and decide on the arrangement based on the best interests of the child.

Why hire a Child custody attorney. A child custody lawyer can help you negotiate custody, either by agreement or in court. The custodial parent (the one the child lives with) earns the legal right to make decisions regarding the child’s lifestyle, welfare, and education. Some parents opt for joint custody, which means children divide their time.

Child Custody Lawyers | Custody Attorneys in Minnesota. – Child Custody Lawyers in Minnesota. Custody is one of the major issues (usually the top priority) involved in divorce and paternity cases. Because judges are afforded a great deal of discretion, and because every case is unique, it can be challenging to predict the outcome if the matter proceeds to trial.

Child Custody Attorneys in Houston, Texas. Child custody is one of the most emotionally charged issues that emerge in a Texas family law case. Unfortunately, disagreements between parents often affect their children the most, creating turbulence and turmoil in their lives.

Child custody is often one of the most contentious issues when two parents decide that they will no longer parent together. Courts want parents to make custody decisions outside of court, working together or with a mediator to create a parenting plan.

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Child Custody Court Hearings - Things to consider when you don't have a lawyer cheap child custody lawyer? | Yahoo Answers – 5/16/2011  · When deciding whether or not to hire a child custody lawyer, the most important consideration is a parent’s financial resources. A retainer for a child custody lawyer may be quite expensive, depending on a number of factors including how many hours it may take to resolve the case, as well as the state in which you live.

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